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C&c Enquiry

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Jun 5, 2012
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St. Helens, North West
Me again :) !

OK. I have a new found love.. C&C cages.. I have been looking at some photos on here and have to say, they look amazing.

I'm in a situation, this is my current cage:


I had Agnes & Gertrude in this, made them some steps for the bottom of the stairs as it was a bit too steep. Now Agnes has passed, Gertrude had both levels, and was thinking about getting her a C&C cage then. But then, I saw Birt in P@H and now, I still use the above, but without the stairs, Gertie is at the bottom with Birt on top - I've made a tile which covers up the opening of the stairs on 2nd floor so its like the below.

I let them out the cage every day separately, for a run around. But, I dunno.. I just dont feel happy with this cage.

It's currently in my living room - and it's not like I can go mad with the size of a C&C cage, but has anyone got any ideas for a cool layout, which isnt too tall in height / long in width but a good size for each pig with a divide to split them?

OR, what about neutering Birt? I dont know about this with guinea pigs - so sorry if this is a mad idea, I don't know whether I'd go ahead with neutering to be honest.

Anyone got any thoughts? :)
How much space do you have to use, firstly? That may help us. Neutering is a very good idea, a lot of male piggies have this done now and come through it fine with the correct aftercare, but it must be done by a piggy savvy vet or a vet with experience of small animal surgeries. If they can go together once he's neutered then you could have a nice 2X4 size C&C cage :)
Hmm, well. Me and Maths dont go... but, I'd say the width i have to work with, is.. 4 ft. Depth, 2ft and height, 2ft.. i think.

OOh, ill get in touch with my vet to see if he does them, i hope so - i'd trust him with my pig
Yeah it's definitely wise to make sure the vet has all the knowledge before hand. With the right vet and aftercare most piggies are absolutely fine after being neutered.
Trust in a vet is one of the biggest hurdles. As long as you monitor them well after neutering. Both the males I've had done have come round from the op amazing easily. Unfortunately Buddy managed to hide a growing post neuter abscess until it was too big and didn't survive the second operation to remove this. If I were having a male neutered these days I would be weighing and having a good all over feel/check at least every other day to be sure nothing's wrong but then one bad experience will do that.

I do think your pigs may be happier together than apart. Do they interact through the bars at all when Birt has floor time? You'd need to keep them separate for 6 weeks post neuter minimum so there's no live boys remaining in Birt.

I think if you are working with a smaller space a C&C cage could allow you to be more flexible and make better use of the space
It may sound stupid but I didnt realise neutering guinea pigs was quite popular - popular may be the wrong word to use, but just never realised it could be an option!

Lady Kelly - he does go sniffing around her cage when he's on the floor, and to be honest, Gertrude sniffs around too after he has been out so I think he leaves his scent and she likely likely! :love:

BUT, even though I've had a few issues with Birt - I just think he's so sad. He got removed a lot out of his cage in P@H because they called him a pervert by "humping", but was advised on here, this is him telling them to respect his authority! I think it would be lovely to put them together. Gertie lost her little sidekick Agnes but she seems ok by herself.

I'm a typical Aries.. when I like something.. I WANT IT NOW! So I am looking around for lots of C&C stuff lol
I had mine side by side waiting for his safety zone to pass and it was adorable watching them flirting through the bars. Every time Bea came near the bars to chat Pete would zoom off and popcorn, it was certainly a good indicator that they would bond ok
That sounds absolutely adorable <3 too cute!

Aww it was, bringing back very special memories. Was a few years back but he would sit on his house for a better look and shook his bum rumbling at them so much he shook his house apart! Came down one morning and it was in pieces! Ha!
Is there any C&C square cubes which are smaller than 36cm? Does anyone know, tried to look online but cant see any
Oh Lady Kelly, that is too cute. What a babe! Looking to get a better view of his lady friend, they are special little furry balls of fluff. :love::love::love::love: x
Is there any C&C square cubes which are smaller than 36cm? Does anyone know, tried to look online but cant see any

I'm not sure what sizes the grids come in but due to the style of them you can overlap them to make a cage shorter if a certain number side by side is just too big for your space
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