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C&c Under Loft Bed?

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Aug 30, 2013
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Scottish Borders
Hey guys,

Not posted on here for a long time but I have been lurking, a little! Some of you might know I'm in the final throws of finishing my degree and also organising a house move and preparing for a new job at the minute, so I've been rather busy!

Anyway, I'm posting today because I've been having a slight issue figuring out how to fit everything into my new flat (fingers crossed all checks go through fine and it's mine - landlord has already OK'd the piggies!) I have a spare room but it isn't quite big enough to fit my new design C&C cage and a bed - had pretty much resorted to the idea of no guest bed at all, but was feeling a little silly at paying so much for a 2 bed place and then making my guests sleep on airbeds in the lounge! So I've just come up with the solution to have a loft bed instead! It would fit the new cage design perfectly underneath it and I'd still have space for my piggy fridge and computer desk :) My only slight concern is will this be safe enough? I wouldn't want to put the piggies at any risk of harm at all :/

Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated, thanks
That's what I was thinking, I mean it's designed for people to sleep in and not have the bottom fall through! I may instigate a rule that no books or phones to be left on the bed while sleeping just in case they were to fall and somehow land on the guinea (though given the dimensions it would be highly unlikely!) I will probably take a trip to ikea to look at it properly to see how sturdy it feels. I'm quite excited by the idea - I always wanted a loft bed!
Good idea about checking them out first :) I'm thinking about getting a sideboard or something and building our little boys cage onto that. It's getting the right size though.

If you do go ahead with it you'll have to post a pic of it :D
Sounds like a fab idea to me. I agree that we need photos if you do decide to do it! :)
This means you're keeping the piggies then?! I must have completely missed that lol, brilliant news though :D
Little update - it turns out the ceilings in the flat aren't high enough for the loft bed, so we're back to just having a piggy room with a little foldaway bed for guests! Ah well! I'll still be posting pictures when once I've moved so you can all have a nosy at the final set-up (and the rest of my lovely new home!)
:yahoo:Great news. Happy you get to keep your boys. Can u not fit in a sofa bed in the piggie room?
:yahoo:Great news. Happy you get to keep your boys. Can you not fit in a sofa bed in the piggie room?

I know, it's great isn't it! Finances might be a little tight but I'm going to give it my best shot! I could technically fit a whole bed in the room if I was willing to put them in a 2/3 storey cage on a table but I've set my heart on a one level 4x4 set-up, I think they'll be happier and it'll make my life a little easier in terms of cleaning out! And let's face it - piggy palace is way more important than guest sleeping space! ;)
Ahh that's a shame about the loft bed, I was looking forward to seeing the finished product lol.
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