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Cage Liners

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Apr 25, 2014
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Hi. I'm looking for cage liners, and was wondering, does anyone know if cande cosie and candie cavies are the same business, as when I co on cande cavie site and click on cage liners, cande cosies come up. Does anyone know of any other fleecy things, as I want my girls snug for winter, there not keen on snuggle sacks they won't use them even after I've but them inside myself, thank you
I have googled Candie Cavies and C and E Cosies. The former is more about the guinea pigs themselves and information on their care etc. C and E Cosies make and sell cage liners, cosy sacks and the like. C and E Cosies would be a good option if you are looking for cage liners. Very popular as well is ZIggys Piggies.co.uk.
Hi, given that it is us that is being spoken about then we can clarify things. CandE Cavies and CandE Cosies are the same people, us :D The Cavies website is about the guinea pigs and boarding (though this is moving to a dedicated website soon) and CandE Cosies is all the liners, snuggle sacks, ramp tunnels and cosy tunnels that we make and sell. It was our love of guinea pigs and the people we met that encouraged us to start making all the items.

We have a big range of fabrics and fleeces available so you should find something you like :D If anyone has any questions then please don't hesitate getting in touch and we'll do our best to help out with no pressure or obligation.
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