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Can Anyone Recommend A Good Bedding

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Feb 9, 2015
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Hey Does anyone know any good all over cage bedding that is easily accessible in the UK which I can use for my two piggies. I'm currently using carefresh but because my cage is pretty large it can work out expensive even though it is brilliant. I did try shredded paper too but I found that hardly absorbed anything and wasnt very good for them at all
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Would you consider fleece bedding? This is what a lot of us are currently using for indoors cages. If you like a non-washable bedding better, Fitch seems to be most favourite alternative at the moment.

You can find out more in this overview:
Have a look at our member cages gallery (best start from the back): https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/member-gallery-c-c-cages-homemade-cages.53210/
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The thread Wiebke has posted will give you a lot of information. Quite a few forum members like bedding and the most popular choices seem to be Firth, Aubiose, Snowflake or Finecard.

Fleeece and Vetbed are very good - but the downside to using these is the amount of laundry they create,
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I use vetbet and find it ever so easy to use and it washes and dries well in no time. After the initial expense it lasts forever and is lovely for the piggles x
I use megazorb in my cages, 89 litres costs about £10.50 and does 8 cage cleans. I have a 120cm and use it in half of a 5x2 c&c cage so very economical x
If you want aubiose it is £10 for a 20kg bale, lasts for roughly a month with a very thick layer in my 150cm outdoor hutch so would last even longer indoors. I know flutterby uses it. :)
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