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Can guinea pigs eat fennel or celeriac?

Discussion in 'Food' started by piggytoefluff, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. I wanted to check because fennel is a 'bulb' type veggie, and I know we can't feed them onion-type stuff. Celeriac is a root veggie... I feed them carrots but I wouldn't give them potatoes so is this ok?
  2. Yes, they love it. I grew some for mine and they ate the tops the lot (Fennel) They like the Celeriac too, but mine don't get it often :)
  3. MemberY

    MemberY New Member

    Mar 12, 2007
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    Hello Charlotte!
    Yes mine have it too occasionally (its expensive) and love it :)
  4. Not if you grow it ;) Remind me with your next order and you can have a sample instead of the usual one :)
  5. mum


    Mine all like fennel and celeraic
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