Can I give adult and young guineas the same pellets?


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Jul 3, 2020
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A few weeks ago, I got a 3 month old guinea pig. She is now living with my other 2 who are just over 1 year old.

I have 3 bowls in their cage, which are full of pellets available to them all day. I bought the Oxbow Adult pellets and the Oxbow young pellets. I have just been mixing them together... I’m worried that they might be getting the wrong nutrients or something. Does anyone know if this is alright to continue doing? If I separate the two kinds of pellets they all just end up eating both anyways. And my youngest doesn’t like eating pellets out of my hand, so I don’t know what to do. 😥😥
The oxbow young pellets are alfalfa based is that bad for adults?

As for hay and vegetables, they all eat the same ones. (Timothy hay, and romaine, kale, bell peppers, and other leafy greens)

Should I be giving my youngest different foods to help her grow? If so, which ones?


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Aug 2, 2018
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You don’t need to have the young piggy pellets at all. Youngsters are fine on adult pellets. Young pellets have a different mix of nutrients, including the alfalfa, which won’t be good for the adults if they overeat them, and the fact that you say they have them available all day means there is a risk.
Guinea pigs should never have pellets available to them all day. They should only have one tablespoon of pellets per pig per day. They are the junk food of the piggy world and should only make up 5% of the diet. Pellets and unfiltered drinking water contribute excess calcium to the diet and can cause health problems, so please do cut the pellets right down to one tablespoon per pig.
The only food they should have constantly is hay.
Be careful when feeding high calcium veg such as kale, spinach and parsley - it should be limited to once per week

Long Term Balanced General And Special Needs Guinea Pig Diets
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