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Can Wooden Flooring Hurt Guinea Pigs Feet?

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Dec 14, 2013
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When we were bathing our two boars a few days ago, we noticed they had sore looking red patches on their back feet. They didn't appear to be in any pain when we were touching them but we put sudocrem on them anyway once a day for a few days. We thought it might be urine scalds. Yesterday I then noticed that one of them has sore front feet too and when touching the red patches on their back feet both of them seemed at least uncomfortable. So we took them to the vets today and she said we got to them early and prescribed them both Baytril for 7 days to be on the safe side (I'm guessing she was thinking early Bumblefoot), and that we could continue putting sudocrem on their feet for soreness/barrier and to think about if there's anything hard in their cage. They're on soft fleece and I thought it might just be from sitting in wet patches and I should be more scrupulous with making sure none of the fleece is wet and cleaning them out more often (feel awful :( ). We've had them nearly a year and have always had the same cleaning routine even though the cage is actually bigger the last two months or so than we it was earlier and theyve only just started having problems.

When we got home my partner suggested maybe they are getting sore feet in floor-time instead though. In our old bedsit the floor was carpet and they loved running about. We've lived in this flat since June and neither of them really enjoy floor-time anymore, I thought because the wooden floor can be a bit slippy under their feet, but could it be the hard-ness of the floor that is causing their feet to become sore? I thought maybe I could put towels down when they have floor time to prevent that if it's the case?
It is more likely from sitting on damp patches. Perhaps you may want to change your fleece or your cosies in the bedding area more often. Sometimes it helps just switch a couple of small bathroom mats every day so one can dry while is other is in use.

However, it is not a bad idea to put some beach towels or free carpet cut-off from a carpet shop down for your boys (ask the shop when their fitters are getting rid of any off-cuts ;)) - this will at least make for better grip!
Am making more of an effort to change puppy pads in areas where they're getting a bit saturated and going to change big cage clean to every 4 days instead of every 5 as it was before. Thanks for the tips about carpet too :)

They've been on Baytril for 4 days when I give them today's dose, just looked at one of them and their front feet just seem to be getting worse! They are really red and there seems to be like a bit of dry skin or something on them. How long does bumblefoot or similar foot problems usually take to heal and respond to antibiotics? If they're not better after the week long course should I take them to a see a vet? Unfortunately I will be staying with my parents in another city by that time so won't be able to see my regular vet but can find a vet in that area for them to see if necessary.

Just worried as no improvement so far and I'm not sure what else I can be doing for them.
Do you use fleece bedding? If so, it needs to be changed every three days. I use vet bed and remove poops twice a day and change the vet bed and towels every three days.
Yes, I use fleece and puppy pads. I try to change the wet corners and put new puppy pads in and/or put some newspaper on top when necessary in between full cleans but obviously I haven't been vigilant enough :( The cage is big and they only urinate in certain corners so I don't think the whole thing needs changing all the time it's just certain areas I guess.

Will take your advice and increase frequencies. I feel like such a bad piggy momma. They've been fine too and had them nearly a year with the same cleaning routines, just the last couple of weeks the poor things have got sore feet.
Hi everyone, just thought I would update as I'm getting stuck on what to do now.

The boys finished their course of antibiotics with no problems though it had no effect on their feet as far as I can tell but I guess it was more of a preventative thing in case they had an infection. Me and my partner are now more scrupulous with cleaning them out, and we've been monitoring their feet closely and applying sudocrem. They are not getting any worse, and sometimes seem to be getting a little less red some days but then are more red other days. Basically they have tiny patches on their back feet that are particularly red, and then Nelson's front feed are particularly red and he has like dry bits of skin underneath the main pad. Would pictures be helpful? They just seem kind of inflamed, and dry. I am quite happy to take them back to the vets if necessary but they don't seem to be in pain and are acting completely normally although they seem a little uncomfortable when I'm poking about at their feet obviously...but that might just be them not appreciating being prodded about and that.

Does anyone have any tips on what I can do because it's been a good few weeks now and their poor little feet don't seem to be any better despite the things I've tried so far :(
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