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Can't Tell Who's Dominant?

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Mar 6, 2011
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Nottingham, UK

So most of you may know I have had my girls for almost 5 weeks now. They still show dominance behaviour often but it never gets aggressive.

I simply can not work out who is dominant though. Not that it's something that urgently needs working out, I'm just curious. They both rumble and mount each other equal amounts, and they both steal food from one another.

Just wondered if there's anything obvious a 'dominant' piggy will do. All out of curiosity really. :)
You may never know, or only when you are bonding with other piggies. Not every bond is that clear cut when the top sow is not very dominant herself.
Thank you @Wiebke :) I did wonder that. They both seem to be fairly equal? But as long as they're getting along, that's all that matters. :)
It's not always that obvious. I think it depends on how domineering the top pig is. If the top pig is very mellow, it may not be obvious to the humans that he/she is the boss.

Edited to add.. we could always tell that Linney was the boss because she did everything first. If I changed the water, even if the other pig got to the water bottle first, she would butt her way in front and make them wait behind her! LOL!
Ha I'm in a similar position, Bea (my avatar) was clearly the boss but since her passing I can't quite work out what the deal is with the remaining 3
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