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Caron And Patty Show Their True Colours.

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Jan 7, 2010
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Yorkshire UK
You spend all morning cleaning out their pens, giving them a fresh hay loft, a lovely carpeted floor, easy reach hay twisters and an open pen for their floor time, and what do they do?

Within seconds of turning the camera off, ZumZum and Holly were round the bowl too.
Have you got an idea just how perishable kibbles are, @Dindypig ? One moment of hesitation and they have disappeared in somepig else's tummy! :yikes:

Lovely to see my girl again, even if she is still the same old slum cat! I can't wait to be able to hold her again tomorrow! :wub:
Ha ha. I am sure they think we are trying to starve them.....

Yesterday when I filled up Struan's pellets he jumped toward/into the bowl so fast he nearly bashed his teeth off it and then proceeded to scoff as much as he could before getting out of the way to let H have a shot. I'm sure he thinks that if he doesn't eat it all straight away it'll disappear! (True enough as it doesn't take H long to polish it off either...)
Lovely Video! Pretty girlies :love: Have a great day tomorrow Wiebke seeing Caron again
I really enjoyed seeing Caron again! It was lovely to see that she still remembers me and the Tribe food call, and trotted across the room for a treat from me. We also had a very relaxed cuddle together, even though it meant Caron relaxing a bit too much and me ending up on the train with damp trousers...
She was a bit subdued this morning but is now back to her normal self.
Haha, my piggies enjoy "rearranging" their cage right after I clean it.
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