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Changed The Cage Layout Round A Bit

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Dec 25, 2014
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Lancashire, UK
I changed the cage layout round a bit, I think it looks a lot more spacious. I like the floral fleece, it gives a nice spring feeling. I think the boys like it, they spent the morning exploring and discovering the carrot on top of the edible cottage roof. :D Sorry for the large photo size.

Paddy figured out how to get on top of the edible cottage:

The boys exploring the new layout:

Rohan being nosey:

Funny face:

Rohan stuffing his face as usual:

Rohan coming out to say hello:
Rohan looking daft XDIMG_1876.JPG

The upstairs:

The other end of the cage:
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Looking Super :tu: Have you ever considered running a slim strip of wood under you loft to help support it?
Oh no I haven't. How does that work, does the wood go under the correx? :)
What I done was run a slim piece of wood under the front of the loft from side to side (the front where the ramp meets the loft) I then drilled a hole in either end of the wood and fed a cable tie through these to hold it in place. It took me 5 minutes and you do not need to tamper with your cage in anyway.
I was going to suggest the wood idea. Noticed the loft Is sagging a bit. Lovely cage though! I love your fleece and the cosies are absolutely adorable!
Good idea about the wood, I'll definitely see what I can get hold of when I'm out and about. Yes it's sank a little since I put the corner litter tray upstairs, it must be heavy, full of poops LOL. XD I've ordered them a corner fleece fringe, corner cuddle bed and 2 hay sacks, so I'll have to update the cage again once those all arrive. :)) At least it'll keep in interesting for them. :woot:

Indeed I do love my boys, they are my babies. I already couldn't imagine life without them, even though we've only been together for such a short amount of time.Here's to many more happy years together with all our piggies. :drool::love::wub::luv:
I figured out why my loft was sinking a bit, turns out that the grid connector had come undone in two places. So it's all clipped back into place now and we have no sag. I'll definitely still consider the wood idea though for reinforcement. :D
I love your setup! Gorgeous cage! How cute are your boys though! :drool::love::luv::wub:
His little face in that video made me laugh! He looked so shocked lol!
Adore your boys, they have such a great setup and such a caring mum
Rohan? (the white piggy) looks like he has paws in that picture where he is laying on the roof :D haha. Just a body with a face. So cute though.
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