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Chattering Of Teeth - Naughty Boars!

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Jan 29, 2011
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I have three boars - Elliot, who is 4, Oscar who is 3 years and 10 months, and Charlie who is 1 year and 2 months old. Since the eldest two boars were babies, they've lived happily together, and a year ago baby Charlie moved in with them. Elliot is the boss, and so far there hasn't been a 'second boss' in Charlie or Oscar. Elliot is quite bossy, and the other two very laid back in personality.

So far it's been lovely. They all have lots of space to get around in their piggy home and I think that's why they've been ok as a trio. Oscar and Charlie often share from a bowl by choice, even if there's three, and Charlie is always at Oscar or Elliot's tail when they're playing out having their 'free range' time.

Now yesterday, I gave all three a piece of carrot at the same time. Elliot and Charlie finished theirs first and Charlie went for Oscars. This resulted in Charlie and Oscar chattering their teeth at each other. Charlie was really loud so to avoid a potential violent encounter, I took him for time out for five minutes. When I went back to replace him, Oscar was upstairs in the piggy home, so I placed Charlie downstairs and naughty Charlie started chattering his teeth really loudly again. I took him back for a play around the living room for 20 minutes, and when I put him back downstairs, Oscar and Elliot were both there and peace was restored. For the rest of the night they were all happily munching hay together in their loft area, and this morning Oscar and Charlie were happily eating their piggy munch beside each other. I was seriously contemplating separating Charlie, but as all peace remains, should I leave him there? I work long hours so I would hate to get back and see there had been a fight.

Thanks all.
Yes, please leave them together! It was just a minor tiff over a carrot with a few ruffled feathers (as can happen with any piggy, see my Ffraid and my Papi this morning) and not a serious fall-out! Fall-outs at this late stage are rare and usually due to major changes in the surroundings/new home/major illness etc.

Most well-bonded adult boars will go back together after a cool down in separation and an intro on neutral ground if it comes to the worst.
Hello wiebke, thanks for your reply. I kept them together and they've been fine. Charlie still occasionally rattles his tongue if there is food about, but I just have made sure that I have three pieces of whatever they're having and Charlie gets his first. He has really shocked me. He's previously been such a sweet little darling pig! He still is with the added trait of bossy little determined piggy!
Glad that things have settled down. Piggies can really surprise you, can't they?
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