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Christian's weekly check


Forum Donator 2017/18
Mar 26, 2017
Southampton, UK
Since Christian's op 2 weeks ago I haven't given him a weekly check with it being nearly 3 weeks since his last one I thought I'd better do it this morning when I did the other 4. I am happy to report that after his op he weighed 1085g and this morning is weighed 1117g so has put on a nice bit of weight. :yahoo: I'm going to have to ask the nurse when I take him back in this afternoon for another post op check how to extract his willy though. It was always a bit tricky anyway even with a bit of warm water soaked in cotton wool to help "release" it. Now he has been left with a wonky willy and anus it is nigh on impossible! I tried for a few minutes and then thought I'd better stop before Christian got upset.