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Cloudy eye.

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One of my girls, Treacle has developed a cloudy eye. Went to Peter Gurneys site and it said when the eye goes cloudy, that it is well on the mend. Do people here agree with that statement?
I am using Brolene drops to try and ease any discomfort she may be in.


Adult Guinea Pig
Aug 9, 2006
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My friend's pig had a cloudy eye and she bathed it with boiled cooled water and put drops in it and eventually the bathing brought out a grass seed that was sticking out of his eye, maybe a similar things happened to your piggy?


Have you gently checked the guineas eye for signs of scratches or as said hay seeds?
As long as she is happy, the eye is open, not red or swollen and not "runny" she will probably be fine, but any change or if the situation and obviously see your vet asap. Also if it persists.
While many simple eye injuries can heal quickly and well, I have seen a couple of really nasty cases in rescue piggies.

Check the guineas nails are nice and trimmed and that you are using nice soft hay. Something has caused the eye to be traumatised in some way, so if you can discover what it is, you can help prevent it happening again :)

Hope all goes well,


Hi, Thanks for replies folks.
Seems what I had read by Peter Gurney was right.
We have been putting Brolene drops into her eye for two days and it is very much better.
I have just had her in for a cuddle, and she really loves her cuddles. :)
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