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Coconut Oil

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Nov 9, 2014
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Birmingham UK
I think the piggies I have recently given a new home may also have a fungal infection on top of the already diagnosed under the skin mites :(

the tip of one ear looks like a white mark, no real flaking but the ear looks ragged. I have en-route Coco Neem Melt and Manuka Neem Shampoo.

My question is can I pop the tiniest smidge of coconut oil on my piggies ear tip and gently rub it in?
We use coconut oil on ourselves daily as a skin care. Its anti fungal, anti microbial, anti viral! its a miracle in a jar.

I ask as I have read not to get the piggies ears/head wet in bathing. So it not like I can use the shampoo on the ear direct.

Thank you
Tam x
I would not put any type of oil on a suspected fungal issue as it can cause the skin to heat up and make it worse. I know some people in the piggy world swear by it but I don't.

My preferred product for fungal is Imaverol but you need a proper diagnosis by a vet first.
Aw, I have just had a quick look around and yes some people are swearing by it.

I need to try and sort this out myself if possible. Not necessarily coconut oil maybe just buying Imaverol if possible.
Is there a reason you don't want to go to the vet? it's just that though it looks like fungal it could be something different like mange mites, so you need to be sure what you are treating. Also if it is Ringworm you are dealing with, an oral medication would also be needed. There are many different types of fungal though.

If you could post a photo that would help.
Aw, my friend popped around and assured me that its just a layer of white hair hahahaha
Oh dear!:tu:

I needed to pop my glasses on to see properly!

My pigs are currently being treated for mange mites so think I am just a bit on the nervous side on the look out for anything and everything.
I just don't want to take them to a vet if I can avoid it as its £18 per piggy just to be seen. Plus we are currently without a vet as I cant really go back to the vet who is treated my pigs for mange mites as they instructed me wrong on the Xeno, so now I'm doing it myself =( so they are not as I have read "Cavy Savy"

I have been advised of a better vet its 30 mins drive & I am currently without car. I will get there but only if I need too xxxxxx

Thank you for your help x
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