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Hey All,

On reading the info on Zubin and Eddie (glad they are getting on so well) Darren and I discussed last night the possibility of getting a little piggy friend for the Wee Man. So, we ducked into PAH and they had loads of little cuties running around and we both just melted. We stood watching them for ages and there were 3 that we fell in love with.

We ended up walking away empty handed but did have a chat to one of the assistants there who suggested that we get a young one and put him in a house next to Eric's to see how they both react and then introduce them gradually.

We would also like to make sure that if we go ahead with this then we do it over a weekend or during annual leave so we are around to keep an eye on them! I'm really inspired by Zubin and Eddie though so thanks for updating us!

Our one big fear is that we end up with 2 piggies on their own!

Will keep you updated on what we decide...!

Lu, Darren and of course, Wee Eric!


Hiya! Glad my boys inspired you. This is my thrid attempt at bonding my Zubin but only because his previous buddies passed away.
1st off your PAH sounds like a much better one than mine that advise was pretty good. I'll start with Griffy because I think its a good place to start oook, so I got Griffy when he was 8 weeks old and he was extremly bony not smal but really bony which was alarming but as he was the first pig i had in a while i just fed him up and he did put on weight but then died shortly after so when you get a buddy for Eric check hes not too skinny but not to big becasue as we found with Harry the older the otehr boar is the more trouble there is bonding if they do ever bond, Harry did not like Zubin and so they dont see each other any more, then i got Ed he was 7 weeks old when i got him which is probably the youngest you'll find in a shop, he met Zubin breifly and Zubin got very excited he squealed and then he RUMBLED! now i put that in capitals because at first it appears aggressive but it really isnt anything to worry about, this is the older boar saying you can be my friend but I'm the boss,also the bigger your cage the better and have two of EVERYTHING! i have two bowls two houses and two bottles some boars dont like to share! first find some neutral territory which is a place neither of them have been before and put them there, i used my bath with Griffy as well as my sisters wardrobe, which worked well. there will be some mounting from the older boar mostly though Ed has done it once,this agian is normal and as long as there is absoloutly NO TEETH CHATTERING from either piggie then things are going well. If Eric does teeth chatter throw a towel over him to avoid being bitten because trust me THAT HURTS! then just let them cool off because all is not lost! if they dont chatter and you can see they are ok take all toys etc of off the bigger cage nad place them together htis is so that you can see whats happening and sort things out if anything starts! once you are absoloutly sure they are ok together then the toys etc can go back in and they can spend the day together once that goes well dont seperate them unless its absoloutly nesserecary and always check them for bites in the morning in the first few weeks of them being together! I check Ed every day jsut to be sure. The rumbling may carry on for a while but thats ok, aslong as theres not chattering thats the one thing i would watch out for then they should be ok. they do seem jealous sometimes so cuddle Eric first or together so that Eric doesnt turn on the new baby or you because Zubins done that before he bit me because i cuddled harry first. and one last and really crucial thing MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE BABY IS A BOY! PAH arnt always 100% when they sex a piggie and you dont want babies from a sow that young! I know thats alot of maybe confusing advise and its all my own opinion so dont take it as gospel, check out the barmy for boars site theres alot of info their and speak to Kellyandpiggies (Kelly) and Barmy4boars as I'm sure they can help with this subject as I'm sure alot of other members can those are the two whose names i can remember lol good luck keep us posted

Luv Zubin,Eddie and Harry and me! x
Jan 23, 2006
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LOL a lot of correct info there! She certainly has taken it all in! ;D

Good luck Lu and Darren
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