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Concerned About Mites :/

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Aug 4, 2010
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Hello all, I recently brought some 11 week old pigs from the pet store and sadly I noticed some hair missing with scabs on their faces, top of ears, side of body and back of legs( it's in patches) I took them to the vet to find out its mites, so she gave them some spot on like treatment for them (this was yesterday).
Now I'm wondering how long will this take for it to come to effect? Like when will they go? Also, their scabs look very dry and sore so is there anything I can put on to help get the hair back?
Thanks for reading :-)
Spot on treatment is only effective for running lice. Mange mites burrow under the skin so an injection of ivermectin is needed. Has the vet given you instructions to repeat the treatment after a week? This is essential to kill any lice that have hatched out since the last treatment, before they are mature enough to lay their own eggs.

If it is lice, the spot on will kill them pretty quickly so you should see some improvement and less scratching.

Another possibility is that there is a fungal infection, either alone or in combination. It's unusual for lice to affect the face, it's usually towards the rump, so I'm wondering if fungal is more likely. How Guinea savvy is your vet? If it looks like there's No improvement I would go back to the vet or look for one more experienced in Guinea pigs.
A proper course of mange mites treatment consists of a minimum of three rounds of either injected or spot-on good quality ivermectin; the interval is between 1-2 weeks, depending on the product. The first round kills the majority of the invisible mites within the first couple of days and unless you are dealing with a severe case, the itching should go noticeably down. the second round should take care of any emerging mites and any remaining itching and the third make sure that there is no comeback.

Is your vet sure that it is not fungal?Mites usually affect one area and not several, and they are not usually in the face.

Wwhere are you located?Could you please add your country, state or (for the UK) your county, so we can help you better. Prodicts and treatments as well as vet access vary quite a lot across the world. Just click on your username on the top bar, then go to personal details and add your location.
Hi, I am new and have noticed a black scab like crusty growth on the back of two of my piggies, they dont seem distressed and are not overly itching, there are 3 boars living together and they do fight so wondering if the are bite marks? really worried so any advice would be appreciated?
Hi, if you could start your own thread and post photos we can then hopefully help. Welcome to the forum. Please could you also add your location to your profile.
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