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Constantly Rumbling.

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Sep 17, 2014
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Melbourne, Australia
I'm really concerned about the behaviour of one of my guinea pigs. I have 3 girls and one of them (Penny) is the newest and a rescue. I have had her about 2 months now and she is CONSTANTLY rumbling and trying to hump my other 2 girls. They get really frustrated and run around and stressed out. I know this is a dominance thing and also when a guinea pig is in heat. I thought it would settle but it hasn't. Also lately Penny behaviour has changed towards people too. She used to be very quiet and easy to handle. Now she is chattering and shoving my hand away. Getting very frustrated and angry when being held or pat. I'm worred about the theory of cysts on the ovaries
I would have her checked for cysts. It is usually smaller, growing cysts that cause the behavioural changes, not the large ones. Thankfully, there are now alternative less invasive treatments than a full spay, like hormone treatment or draining. But you would need to see a specialist over that.

As to her behaviour towards you, you may find this thread here helpful in understanding what is going on. It is actually the first step in trusting you enough to show her feelings. You can build on that, but it won't be a quick process - but one that is the more sweet when it finally happens! Of course, there can also some of the hormonal behaviour mixed in, which is not making it easier for the two of you.
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