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Convincing For Fleece

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Polly and Rosie

Junior Guinea Pig
Dec 13, 2014
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Just bought tumblefresh and buch of oxbow hay off pet supermarket. I want to have half cage tumblefresh and other half fleece but parents don't like piggy wee in washing machine but I have mentioned about putting in a pillow case. What can I do? Feeling really sad,
I got one of the these and they are brilliant. Wouldn't be without mine

Same. You can fit a lot in the jumbo one too.

Me too . I've never regretted buying some. I even use them for storing hay . Not the cheapest way to store hay but very convenient - a 4.5 kg delivery from Hay for Pets fits nicely into a jumbo one.
I have a horse wash bag as well. I ordered jumbo, which was probably not suitable in the end as you wouldn't get the whole bag full as it wouldn't fit in the machine. Large should be adequate. I bought new ones recently and I have found a huge difference for the washing machine since I changed them very cheap holey ones.
No hay has entered the machine since. And I've not had as much problem with pig hairs on clothes and a smell on other clothes.
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