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Convincing Parents?

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Jan 13, 2015
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Texas, USA! Whoop, whoop!
Hello! I'm new here and sadly, don't own any pigs yet. But I'm in love with them already. I'm willing to pay for all the hay, vet funds if needed, fleece, and their cage and toys. It will be my birthday is two months and I was hoping to convince my parents for two. I'm not sure how but any suggestions would be lovely. :ple: Also, what pellets would you recommend for a guinea pig over the age of six months? Thank you so much for welcoming me in this forum! See you' around! :)
hello there. Welcome to the forum. You are obviously doing your homework by finding out as much as you can about looking after piggies. Have you got a local guinea pig rescue or RSPCA centre near you? You can look on the recommended rescue locator at the top of the page and search the rspca.org.uk website too. I would suggest taking your parents to visit a rescue and chat to the staff about your home/garden etc. Phone first if necessary to make sure you go at a convenient time. You are right in thinking that you get 2 - guinea pigs need company and plenty of space. Get them from a rescue centre PLEASE - there are so many adorable ones waiting to find their forever homes. The centre staff can let you know what diet they are used to so you don't upset their tummies. Remember too, guinea pigs are just as big a commitment as a dog/cat/pony! I wish you all the best in your quest and let us know what happens.:wel:
You are in USA? I didn't realise. You can add your location to your avatar if you like, there are several forum members from overseas. Have fun choosing your new pigs!
Hi :wel:to the forum...

Texas Guinea Pig rescue is a great rescue, they can advise you on all things guinea pig related along with their rehoming criteria. :nod:

Here is a link to their website.. http://www.theguineapigrescue.com/

In the meantime can you please add your location to your profile as it helps fellow members give any answers to questions you may have that may be area/country specific. This can be done by clicking on your username, then personal details, then add location......https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk...cation-and-creating-an-avatar-picture.107444/

We have loads of guides on the forum please have a look around and ask any questions you may have..

Lisa & Ali ..
Perhaps you can convince your parents by:
a) proving that you have done your research
b) making a written contract with them which stipulates your and their responsibilities. As long as you are a minor, the ultimate responsibilty for the piggies' welfare is lying with them.

Texas Rustlers are the best guinea pig rescue in the whole of your state, so it would be great if you could rehome from them. The pair you have fallen in love with is definitely gorgeous! :love:

It will make it a lot easier to tailor our advice to what is available/possible for you if you added your state or at least your country to your details; we are otherwise asking you to be very careful with giving out any more exact personal details. Our default advice is British, not American. ;) Please click on your username on the top bar, then go to personal details and scroll down to location. Thanks!

We have got lots of information at the top of our various Care sections but you are welcome to ask any questions you may have at any time.
having animals in the house, other than fish, strengthens the immune system meaning you wont get sick as often. and with any young children lessens thier likelihood of developing allergies and asthma

i always found that a good argument to get animals
Thank you guys! I'll try and tell them this. :nod:
Oops, I forgot to add my location! I get forget things a lot. :oops: I'll go and do that. Aren't the guinea pigs beautifulllllll? :luv:
You could tell them it will help teach you about responsibility and about looking after someone other than yourself and give you some independence in that way. It will also provide you with enjoyment and two new little friends! Also, guinea pigs aren't as noisy, or smelly, or as destructive as for example a dog.

One thing to think about though is that guinea pigs can live for up to 7 years so you need to plan long-term. I don't know how old you are and you don't have to say, but think about whether you would maybe be moving out for college in that time-frame and what would happen to the pigs in that eventuality because your parents may not want to care for them full-time.

Also, I know you said you would pay for vet bills, which is great, but do you have a job that you could put money away regularly for it? Because you never know when expensive vet bills could crop up and really you need to have an agreement with your parents that they will pay for this if you can't because as a minor the pets are legally going to be their responsibility (or at least that is the case in the UK so I presume it's the same in the States).
Thank you for the advice. :)
I have already put the 'vet fund,' money aside. It will be able to pay for it or anything that comes up. Besides that, I'll be doing regular jobs, yes. I am going to set up a little fund. It'll be a few months before or if I get two. So I'll being doing a lot of work and thinking about the future. :) Since Guinea's need to have constant hay and vet care if something comes up (like any pet) I'll be doing jobs that'll pay well. :D Then my parents can use this money to get him/her to the vet if needed. :)
Aw, those two piggies are adorbs! I hope that you can convince your parents to let you adopt them! Everyone else has already given you great advice so I can't add much more lol Good luck :yahoo:
You sound very well prepared which is great, I hope your parents say yes! :)
You sound very prepared. I think if you explain to them that you will have the responsibility of their primary carer they'll allow it. My parents agreed to getting guinea pigs as long as they didn't have to do anything besides provide finical support should I need it. Those piggies are gorgeous! It's so great that you want to adopt! All the best! x
Definitely keep pumping into your piggy fund and show them you are serious about meeting the monetary side of things. I know a "quick check up" at the vets after a niggly concern has in the past cost me over £200 by the time piggy is healthy again. One went in for an xray (expected to be around £30) and ended up having an op (actual bill was around £120) and that was just one day!
Have your parents given you any particular reasons why they don't want you to have guinea pigs?
If it is just that they don't trust you to look after them then maybe you can show them you will be responsible enough Maybe you could agree to do some volunteer work or something that shows your commitment, but if there are other reasons it may be that over asking is going to make things worse. Sit down with them and ask why they don't want you to, ask them to appreciate the positives of you having a guinea pig and see if you could come to some sort of agreement.
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