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Cost Hike Of C&c Cage Grids!

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Jan 5, 2015
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Edgware Middlesex
I've just looked online to see how much the Cage grids go for to make up our C&C Cages, the prices of the Grids seem to go up year after year, almost inline with property prices. This is really sad for anyone wishing to put together a C&C Cage or even extend thier existing one. Last june Costco was selling a 8 cube pack in white for £14 and they were very high quality with the wire being slightly thicker and stronger than the previous ones I purchased, I would love to get some more, but sadly I just couldn't afford it now
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Maybe its because they've realised people are using them to make animal cages now, and not just for storage boxes?
Everything goes up but ours wages never do! :(
I looked everywhere and couldn't find any which you'd class as cheap. In the end I got two packs from Wayfair which came to the best part of £60 :td: Since I bought them on Sunday they've gone up by £5.
Oh what i shame, i have some spare black grids if your interested, pm me x
I managed to buy 4 packs from Costco and see people selling the exact same brand online at the time for £29, in total I've brought 6 packs to make my C&C. If I see them again at Costco I'll be sure to tell everyone!
I'm glad when I ordered mine last year that I over ordered and ended up with 90 grids at £25 for 30, as now I have quite a few to play with and don't have to battle the stupid prices.
Good for you Flutterby, I was going to extend mine, But I'm kinda thinking I'm happy with mine now... I'm thinking BIGGER Cage = More fleece blankets, towels and washing :hmm:
Haha, yes that definitely true! I am constantly washing and changing fleece and towels!
@Flutterby At the moment I'm laying down 3 levels of newspaper, 3 towels, and 2 doubled over fleece blankets... I do the same both sides for Tubby & Dom. I wash the fleece blankets with a lighter Fairy washing machine liquid & the towels in a separate wash with Persil, this is fine and easy for me, but I wouldn't want anymore than this as it would mean a 3rd load.
This is why we built our own. The c&c look cool but UK sourced ones are expensive (we searched a lot). We got a cage that fits the space exactly and is slightly larger that a pre set c&c for almost the same price.
C&c grids would have been a lot easier though :P
@RexandGizmo really nice to hear you have a Piggie house taylor made to fit your living quarters, sometimes the easiest way isn't always the best :tu:
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