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Coughing And Sniffly Pansy

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Jan 9, 2014
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Hertfordshire, UK
Pansy has had a snuffly nose which as first I thought was due to using a different type of hay, but after a couple of days it didn't go away. I took her down the vets and they gave her Baytril 0.17ml twice a day and the snuffly nose disappeared.
Now she has developed a cough and is looking lethargic but running around for food when the hag bag is topped up. Has anyone got any advice for what to make sure the vet does or prescribes? Or does it sound like something that needs a piggy expert. My nearest is Goddard vets in Ewell.
I used to live 15 minutes away from the fab Cat and Rabbit clinic but am now in Woking.
If you can get to Goddard vets I would go there. Ask them to listen to her chest and check for fluid and if there is any she will need diuretic. Also if she has any mucous in her nasal passages Bisolvon would help.
I would ask your vets to prescribe a diuretic if there is any fluid build-up in the lungs and some bisolvon powder to dissolve any mucus. If necessary, a stronger antibiotic like marbocyl or zithromax can also help with strong bacterial infections or a bad pneumonia.
Please make sure that you also have probiotics handy, as any antibiotic can dampen/totally kill the appetite further; give a pinch about 1-2 hours after the antibiotic for best effect. Weigh Pansy daily at the same time and top her up with hand feed and water if she is not eating properly. A bowl of steaming water with 2 drops of olbas oil next to the cage can also help ease the breathing; if you haven't got any olbas oil handy, just the steaming water will do.

The need to breathe comes before the need to drink and thirdly before the need to eat. Please have her seen as soon as you can tomorrow!

Thank you for the advice, I'll print that out and take it along with me. The vet I saw last time had guinea pigs when they were younger so knew what Pansy was at least!
I'll get an appointment tomorrow in Woking along with Olbas oil.

I'm moving house soon (fingers crossed, knock on wood etc) and will very close to Vets & Pets in Nazeing. Surrey seems to have a shortage of guinea pig vets
Back from the vets and Pansy has a chest infection. The vet listened to her chest and said he could hear wheezing.
She's been given a bigger dose of Baytril 0.34ml twice a day for 2 weeks.
I have bought some Pro-C to help with the gut. It says to put one scoop in 200ml of water. Can I put in the water bottle that all 3 use or would I have to give her a smaller amount individually by syringe about an hour after the Baytril?
She's booked in for 2 weeks to see if the wheezing is still there. Two out of the 3 vets who are on that day are allergic to guinea pigs and rabbits.
Diagnosis is as we suspected. Did you get any bisolvon for the mucus?

Please syringe the Pro-C; just mix a pinch with 1-2 ml of water freshly. You can't control the actual intake via the water bottle and the water tends to go off much more quickly.
Thanks @Wiebke
I didn't get any bisolvon. Just realised I didn't get the olbas oil as well. Slap on wrist for piggy slave.
Will do the individual syringe for the pro-biotic. Hope she likes more than the baytril.
Thanks @Wiebke
I didn't get any bisolvon. Just realised I didn't get the olbas oil as well. Slap on wrist for piggy slave.
Will do the individual syringe for the pro-biotic. Hope she likes more than the baytril.

Baytril is about the most foul tasting medication that you can come across. I would recommend to either mix up the baytril with a bit of ribena or to give some ribena straight afterwards to take away the taste.
She's doing OK, still the first and last to the food bowl! Have tried no added Ribena and other no added sugar squashes and Pansy wasn't having any of that. Keep turning her back on me. My mum and me were both trying to hold her but she's a fighter :box:. Cucumber and tomato were attempted next but the medicine slipped off.
After 20 mins with more Baytril on the lap pad than in her we sliced a piece of courgette, towelled it off, put the Baytril on and let it soak in. She was a little suspicious and tried to step on it but eventually she had it. My mum has got to do it during the week whilst I'm away for work, she's not looking forward to it!
She takes the Pro-C without any trouble :inn:
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