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Cozies - Forwards Or Backwards?

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Jan 27, 2010
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My skinny Katie is incapable of getting into her cozy forwards, she sniffs at the entrance and then turns round and reverses in. So I was just wondering if anyone else's pigs reverse in or if she is unique? She's certainly a little diva and will reverse in on any pig already sat in there.
Aww! Helen, that is so cute. What a clever girl for thinking of reversing into it like a little car! I do not have any cosys so I am not sure what mine would do.
I have never seen that! Clever little Diva! :love:
All of ours go forwards into cosies, and then have to turn round, which can be a bit of a tight fit! I think Katie is very smart to have worked out that reversing is actually easier! It's funny that she doesn't necessarily make sure the cosy is vacant first though!
Yes Haven in particular used to do this...and since she went Honor now dose it and Sweep has also started... i think they are plotting against me, they get the cozies in all kids of directions- backwards and upside down ....lol Mad piggies i have :O hehe
Ha ha, do they whisper plans to each other? :))
Yes they have all been teaching each other I think....the dog moves his bed too...so maybe its a family thing? When I start moving my bed....then I will worry x haha x
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