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Crusty Eyes: Eye Issue.

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New Born Pup
Jan 30, 2015
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Hello Everyone. I have a new piggie, I just brought him home last night. I have never owned a piggie before, so I am completely new to this. His eyes were fine last night, but today his eye seems to look " sticky" and it's partly closed. My question is, can piggies get sleep boogers ( for a lack of a better term ). He did just wake up, and he is currently munching on hay, and has been drinking. He is pretty active, and has been making noises. Do I need to be alarmed? It seems to be slowly opening up on it's own
Any help is appreciated.
Hi and welcome!

Please have your boy seen by a vet as soon as you can! He has got a respiratory infection (URI), which can kill if left untreated. URIs are sadly very common in young shop guinea pigs whose immune system is not fully developed yet and additionally lowered by the major upsets to their still young lives.

Please ask your vet additionally to the antibiotic for some mucus dissolving medication like bisolvon powder to help get the gunk out. Until you can have him seen, place a bowl of steaming water next to the cage to help ease the breathing. You will also profit from getting hold of some probiotic to counter the effect of the antibiotic on the guts and some extra vitamin C. if you are in the UK and you get baytril, we recommend to get some ribena to syringe with the baytril. this helps to maks the horrible taste of the anitibiotic and also delivers a vitamin C boost.

Since we are dealing with members from all over the world, we find it very helpful if you please added your country, state or (for the UK) your county or city, so we can adapt our advice re. medication for instance to what is available or possible to you straight away. Click on your username, then go to personal details and scroll down to location. Thanks!

We have got a piggy savvy locator on the top bar for our UK members: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/pages/guinea-pig-vet-locator/
PS: you should be able to claim back any vet cost from the pet shop.
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