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Apr 4, 2014
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United States, Illinois
I've just started brushing my 3 short hair pigs. One of them has black fur. As I brush her, I see some white specks on her fur. Is this dry skin? If so, is there a way to fix that?
This used to happen with my boy Hazelnut. He is a dark short hair & there was always white non-moving specks in his hair but just low down on his back & did look very much like dandruff. Did take him to the vet to ensure it wasn't lice or something like that & it wasn't but she had no suggestion on what to use on his skin. I started giving him a large cos lettuce leaf every day for other reasons & a few months later no dandruff and his hair got very shiny.

You could try Gorgeous Guineas website as they have many piggy skincare products & several members swear by them. Hopefully some of them will come along & answer your post.

I would suggest though that you have her see a vet just to ensure it is only dry skin.
My black pigs are the same.. Even after they're bathed the next day they seem to have dandruff.. They're bathed using shampoo which is specifically for piggies.

Their fur is in immaculate condition and they're very shiny.. I think it's just one of them thing.. They don't seem itchy or irritated by it so I think it could literally be dandruff or grease.

But if you're concerned the vet may have suggestions for you.. My vet wasn't concerned about it at all.
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