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Dental Work Help!

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Dec 2, 2014
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Hi, my piggie Freddie has had his back molars clipped after not eating v much. Vet has clipped his front teeth and his back teeth as his tonge was unable to move. He's on metacam and bay trial and hsnt eaten much apart from what had been during fed earlier. Is this normal after dental surgery and Is there anything else I can do to encourage him to eat and drink?
It is normal for them to be slow at eating initially. Try offering him his favourite foods, however if he doesn't eat you will need to start syringe feeding him.

I am concerned that the vet has clipped the teeth rather than burr them. Did they also say why he is on baytril? Does he have an infection?

sending healing vibes for him.

My partner picked him up so I did t her first hand info, he's on baytril in case of infection for 5 days and metacam for 2 days. Going back vets on Saturdsy for post op so hopefully he'll at least start nibbling soon. He's had 50 ml if the crucial care about 2 hours ago as well which took ok .
Sorry to hear your piggy has dental issues, the mouth can often be sore after dental work, so pain killer such as metacam that you have is a must and will help. My only concern would be as Abi said the front tetth being clipped it is rare they need it... and may hinder picking up food etc.... Please syringe feed as you are doing and cut up veggies into the tiniest chunks and strips even offer to hold so Freddie can take the food off you if he shows an interest.

Does he have a check up planned?

Please weigh daily so you can see how much food he is getting in him x
Yes he's got a post op check up tomorrow, he's not really eating by himself still syringe feeding but he's eating piles of grass by himself. He's been stubborn and refusing to eT until I got home from work, hoping metacam has kicked in now .
We've bee to the vets, his mouth looks good and no signs of any swelling. We've been given metaclopronide to help him with his appetite and he's started to eat grass and nibbled melon, even started to use his water Boyle again so here's hoping!
I have a guinea pig who has just recovered from dental surgery and it took him a few weeks to eat anything property, for the first week he was very tentative and ate everything very slowly! I agree with tempting him with his favourite food and maybe chopping it up very small so they can get it in their mouth easier :-)
He is slowly starting to eat solid veg and his pellets now so it's looking like he's getting back to normal now.
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