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Emergency Diabetic With Uri Not Eating Drinking

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carmen winch

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Feb 18, 2015
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hi iv got a approx. 3 year old boar about a year ago he developed diabetics I took him to a specialist exotics vet who confirmed the diagnosis , but said there was not really anything to treat a pig with the condition , hes always maintained a healthy appetite , night before last I noticed he didn't come out for the vedge , hes gone to the vets next morning and hes being syringe fed and vet said hes got a uri , I don't know how hes acquired it, all pigs are indoors and iv had the heat on constantly , but the vet said diabetic pigs are more phrone than others to picking up infections hes on baytril he had a dose last night and one today , due one more tonight , , he is so listless and wont even open his month to get the syringe in iv tried getting him to take water as well , but he just seems to not want it , he is very snuffly , the vet said moniter him over the next few days and if no improvement I will have to make a decision about what to do . the vet has said its possible that there are internal problems that may be going on , but I don't know how they would find out if a pigs liver or kidneys are failing and I don't know if it would be any good to subject him to a load of tests when he is so poorly , I just don't know what to do I feel like I'm watching him fade in front of me , but I don't want to just give up and have him put to sleep if its at all possible he could recover , I am managing to get the care supplement down him , but I feel like maybe I'm just distressing him

I am ever so sorry for your nightmare. Have you so far just been offering him food and water or have you properly hand fed?
Here are our tips; please only give very little at any time (0.1 ml) so he can swallow if he is that weak. Diabetic guinea pigs have a weaker immune system and are more prone/less able to fight infections. You have to see if he is starting to perk to up with some water and food in him; I am keeping my fingers very firmly crossed for you! https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/complete-hand-feeding-guide.115359/

Baytril is well known for its appetite killing and some guinea pigs can have an adverse reaction to it. Would your vet be prepared to try another antibiotic like septrin/bactrim instead even if baytril is the only licensed antibiotic for guinea pigs? Please contact him immediately; you won't have another few days to look how it goes if your boy is not eating or drinking at all. I assume that your vet is a general vet? :(

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