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Do you feed Pellets or Mixture ?

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As well as fruit, veg, hay etc I've always fed my cavies on pellets as with mixture they just pick out the bits they like and waste the rest !
Tried my lot on pellets and it didn't go down well! They all have mixture dry food and do the same - pick out all the bits they like!

They eat more than they did with the pellets.

xx Mrs Player xx
I also use misture dry food. Pellets werent their favourite and cavy cuisine they used as litter to pee in. LOL
yep. well i thought i woul dtry it cos 1 particular member (not naming any names but she isnt on here anymore) wasnt happy with my using gerty so i tried her suggestion for a week and they peed in it several times LOL. so i now use burgess guniea pig mix.
My lot are on Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch, i get it from Wilko's and they love it ;D
Mine like both ! I prefere pellets as there's less waste,with the mix they do pick out their favourite bits. They seem quite happy on pets at home mix suprisingly enough!
(better add they do have fresh veg /readi grass and hay every day....!)
I am feeding my young cavies on Supa Excel cavy food, but I am feeding my other cavies on Spillers Cavy Museli.
Zubin tips the bowl over if i give him supa, but Harry really likes it, so i mix gerty and Supa and then they are both happy x
i give princess a mixture...of course she picks out her fav pieces first! but eventually she eats the pellets too. she better, if she knows whats good for her! lol :D
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