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Do You Have A One Person Piggy?

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R Dorothy

Junior Guinea Pig
Mar 4, 2012
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USA, Minnesota
In April I'll have had Dahlia and Iris for 2 years. They've gotten attached to me as well as gotten used to other people being in my home whether it be friends, family, repair men, and so on.

The only issue is that Dahlia is kind of a jerk. Whether it be in the cage, or on my lap, no one but me can touch her. She'll take treats from anybody, but try and pet her and you'll get a growl along with a bite that means business. She shows no sign of being agitated like teeth clicking; she just waits until someone's hand is in her range. No one has even intentionally or unintentionally harmed her, so there's no reason for her to be so nasty unless that's just her personality.

Just curious if anyone else has a piggy like this.
I had a hedgehog like that... he loved me. He disliked other people with an intensity ranging from mild dislike to flat out homicidal intensity! LOL! My pigs have been pretty friendly, but one of them (Frenzy) really disliked my dad. She was high-strung anyhow and would startle even if he talked in her vicinity. She was never a biter, but she would try to make a mad dash away if he ever tried to touch her. Hadley also seems to be nervous of male voices (but we have only had her a month and she still spooks fairly easily, so we're hoping she'll get over it!)
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