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Do your pigs know their names?

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Jan 27, 2006
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I've noticed that Chester who we have had for 2 weeks and is 4 months old, stops and listens if I call his name, and looks for me. But Piggie (3 months) doesn't, he just ignores me!
I feel so proud of my clever boy! ;D
Its lovely when they do that. Quite a lot of my guinea pigs know their names! Fluffy my first piggie always put her head up when I called her name. Its so sweet!
yeah my boys know their names aswell. Its so sweet ;D


Yes, In birth order

- Topsy
- Turvy
- Cutie
- Squirt
- Titch

Kelly and piggies xx
I'm not sure if all of my piggies know there names, but they sure know the sound of a rustling carrier bag and what it means, LOL! :D
We all know our names as well as our nicknames (mine is Bastian Brat or Brat Pig). Mommy Kat is so proud because mst of us even come when she calls us, of course, it's because we are hoping she has veggies but she doesn't have to know that! ;)

-Bastian Noel
Some of mine do - Roo and Tommy in particular. They all respond to "Piggies" and "boys" which is rather unfortunate now I have 2 sows!

Boris definitely knows his name. When I let him out for a run about he tends to try and sneak behind the telly where there are loads of wires so I say "Boz, no" in a stern voice and he looks up and immediately trots away. Sometimes he'll go up to the TV and then suddenly turn tail without even being told; think he knows he's not supposed to go anywhere near there! He may be the cheekiest piggie but he's the only one that responds to me when I tell him off!
Alex x
Wow! I do the TV/stern voice thing too and it works most of time!
I think piggys are one very smart animal most of mine know their names and will come running or stop what they are doing if called, every morning Cuddles in the girls shed is up standing with both her front feet on her food dispenser reaching up as high as she can waiting to see what I've brought them, and dobby or dobbs as he is known comes running out of his pigloo for his mum (me) and artie just loves me singing to his face he popcorns around bless him,
yes, mine always look up when I talk to them. they understand lots of things . . .
When I call my piggys names.. 3 of them start squealing their heads off and running roung in circles ! :)
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