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Drinking More Than Usual?

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Pippy & Daisy

Junior Guinea Pig
Jun 22, 2014
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Sydney, Australia
Hello! Seems I can't go a day without having something to worry about with these girls at the moment... This time I really think it might just be me being overdramatic though! :hmm:

Pippy has always been the big drinker of my two - she drinks fairly consistently and often, but lately has been drinking a bit more, I think. Daisy, however, never used to be a big drinker but recently has been drinking quite a bit more water than usual. The thing is, I can think of about a million reasons why this is probably not even a problem! First of all it's summer here and it's been really hot and humid, they've been having way more floor time than usual as I'm on holidays so am home almost all the time (they were out for 6 hours today and neglected their water the whole time while they were out but have been sculling it tonight), and the hay I buy has been much fresher lately so they've both been going crazy for that and I've had to top that up way more than usual.

I've got two bottles for them - one is 250ml, the other is 80ml. I clean and refill them both every day even if they've barely drunk any of it but the past couple of weeks I've been noticing there's been much less in the bottles when I clean and refill them. The 250ml is downstairs so they mostly drink from that during the day, but the 80ml is upstairs where their bedroom is and where they eat the most hay, and that's been emptied usually at least once a day. Sometimes they'll go through one and a half of the 80ml bottle a day and generally no more than half the 250ml bottle, if that. I can't really tell if one is having a lot more than the other - Daisy is a really loud drinker so I can almost always hear when she's drinking but Pippy is quieter so often I'll walk past and see her drinking but won't have heard it. I know they're both drinking fairly regularly though so it's definitely not just one of them having all the water.

Does this seem normal given the heat, etc? From what I've read it's not an excessive amount of water for them to go through in a day, it's just that it came on relatively recently - but then so did the heat and humidity. It's currently 2am and it's 22C if that gives any indication. It's supposed to hit in the 30s this week :( They're in the coolest part of the house and they're not in direct sunlight but obviously the whole house is still warmer than usual because of the heat. Is it worth mentioning to the vet when I'm there? I've only had my girls since March this year so it's my first full summer with them so I can't say from past experience if this is normal for them. They're both eating and behaving normally so I know it's not that they're replacing food with water or anything like that. I know I've been feeling quite dehydrated lately so I can imagine they're quite possibly the same!

Thanks in advance... again :D
The individual water intake can vary due to the weather, both in heat waves and cold snaps.

You need to seek vet care if the daily water intake of a piggy surpasses 300ml (kidneys or diabetes), but if you are worried about changed habits, you can contact a vet anytime.
From what you have said, I would suspect it is the weather and the extra floor time that is causing the extra drinking. Keep an eye on their weight and general health so you can spot any potential illnesses as soon as possible. Talking to the vet about it can't hurt either.
Since my heating has been on the pigs and myself have been drinking more. Unfortunately the air is dry in here. Could it possibly be that?
Thanks everyone, good to know it doesn't seem to be an issue! It was much cooler today than yesterday and they drank much less so it seems like it's definitely just the weather. Phew! :)
If you get some sort of idea. My herd of 11 can drink up to and over 2 litres of water a day between them (on a summers warm day usually). The normal amount/daily water consumption of a guinea pig should be approx 100ml per kg in weight per day. But as you can see it doesn't always work that way.

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