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Driving Home For Christmas

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May 19, 2011
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So tomorrow Jemima, Casran and I make the long journey home to my parents.

My parents have never met these two fluffballs before and my dad tells me he's busy making them a wooden indoor run with a blanket on the base so they can stretch their legs and enjoy a change of scene.

I hope the journey doesn't stress them out too much. Freddie and Marmalade were quite used to whizzing all over the place with me but not sure how these two will react.

I wonder what my parent's will think of them...
Oh your parents are very nice! I'm sure you will all have a lovely time x
It's lovely when parents meet the grandpigs. Sounds like it will go well as your Dad is busy building for them.
Aww that's lovely! Wish I could hike all my ladies around, so many people want cuddles!
AW its lovely of your Dad to do that. Am sure they will be fine and it sounds like they will be two very happy guineas this Christmas .x
The fact that your parents are going to the trouble to sort out their housing, they are sure to love them...how can anyone dislike your balls of fluff!

I am sure your parents will love them! I will be taking my pair with me to my parents for Christmas too!
Awww how sweet of your dad to think of the gpigs be safe n have a good time too happy xmas to you x x x
Hope we get to see what a great job your dad has done for them too x x x
Well we've arrived and Jemima and Casran are already being loved within an inch of their lives and both have been hand fed about twice as much veg as they should have in an entire day! Oh dear x
Yay, glad the journey went well. Bless your parents. :)
Mine travelled nearly 200 miles with me to the parents but have to live in the (heated) greenhouse as dad is too allergic! He likes giving them some veggie treats though and as many chin rubs as the pigs want! :))
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