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Dropped The Bunnies Off For Their Spay This Morning!

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May 30, 2014
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Sutton in Ashfield, UK.
My mum, sister and I dropped our two girls off at the vets to be spayed earlier this morning!

They have been there since half past 8 this morning and I'm worrying so much! I'm totally confident in our vet but I have never experienced having a pet spayed/neautured before so it's a pretty scary first experience!

It's so strange walking into my room and not having my little girl there too greet me! I miss her here already haha!

Both of the girls have recently lost their friends. So we are hoping they can bond once they are all healed. Fingers crossed!

Can't wait to get them home later today! My little girl especially! I hope everything is going okay there!
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I hope it all goes well. If they can be bonded that would be fantastic.
Just recieved a call from the vets. They called because they cannot find Acorns uterus to remove. Now I'm extremely worried.

Ive been trying to research online and cannot find anything!

Is this even possible. Has anyone heard of this?! Is she okay?

She defintely isn't already spayed because we have had her since being a baby. Ive never heard of anything like this before :(
I know you can get genetic conditions in animals where the internal reproductive organs don't form.
Oh I am relived for you. I bet you are feeling so happy.
I hope they have a good recovery.
Phew, that was a scare! How are the girls doing? I imagine they are sore.
Thankyou all! I'm so happy they are home!

They are very quite at the moment but that is to be expected of course. As far as I can tell nothing has been eaten since I got them home but hopfully later tonight or tomorrow morning they will start to nibble on something. But overall they are doing okay, considering what has been done to them!
That is really good. Hopefully they will eat later. They are likely to be drowsy from the anaesthetic.
Neither of the girls have eaten since their surgery. The vets rang early this morning to see how they were getting on (which was a lovely surprise!) so we explained they were not eating ect. They told us to ring back if they hadn't eaten by 5 this afternoon. Still no eating happened so we rang they told us to bring them straight down.
So we are now onto the difficulty of syringe feeding :(
Aww I am sorry. Syringe feeding rabbits is such a nightmare. I hope they take the syringe.
Thankfully my rabbit was ok after spaying but I had to syringe feed a guinea I had neutered , was up the first night a few times & came home from work at lunchtime for the first day & was really frightened. He soon picked up & now lives very happily with his 2 girls.
Hope all goes well for you, if you can carry on with the syringe feeding whilst they're still a bit groggy hopefully they'll start eating again soon. Might be worth a forage for dandelions tomorrow.
take care
Keep us all posted
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