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Dry Cracked Foot

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Jan 27, 2015
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Norfolk, UK
Hoi I just clipped my two babies claws for the first time, oh dear what a trauma. Anyway I noticed one of the girls back foot is looking druy and a bit cracked kind of like if we had eczema or perhaps athletes foot? There is a tiny tiny red area as if the skin has broken but the rest ( a little bit on the lower parts of the pad and between the toes) looks dry. We have put some moisturising cream we got for dry skin a few weeks agpo from gorgeous piggiies but it's not specifically for feet. I'm just a bit concerned :'( all the other feet look fine and lovely and the other girl has no problems.
They are on fleece which I spot clean and change every 3 days.
I will try, I will just give her a bit of time to recover from claw clipping I only have a rubbish camera and she is the wriggly one of the 2 but I will try my best :-)
Sorry I have no idea why so many pics have appeared! It was very hard to take a pic, she wriggled lots and nipped me :-( couldnt really get a between the toes pic at all
Thank you, the reason I asked for photos was to rule out Bumblefoot and it doesn't look like that which is good. I would think it is dry skin and you could use Sudocrem if needed. If you are worried though you could get her checked by a vet just to make sure it isn't any kind of infection.
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