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Dry Skin On Cleveland's Foot?

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Cleve & Teddy

Junior Guinea Pig
Sep 25, 2014
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United States, Minnesota
I was holding one of my guinea pigs today and I noticed that he has what looks like really dry skin on one of his feet. All of his other feet are fine, it's just this one. My other guinea pigs feet are all fine as well. He seems healthy otherwise and he doesn't seem bothered when I touch it, but I have never seen it before. Any suggestions? I posted a picture of it.


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Do you have access to a cavy-savvy veterinarian?!

Fungal infections are relatively common in guinea pigs - Regrettably, guinea pigs can be quite prone to developing fungal infections!

Imaverol (Enilconazole) dips are largely recommended - Cleveland's companion/s will also need to be treated!

Guinea pigs typically require four consecutive treatments - Some individuals dip their guinea pigs every three-four days, while others dip their guinea pigs weekly!

However, the environment will also need to be suitably treated!
Once you've got a diagnosis confirmed by a vet, and if it is fungal (which it could well be), Imaverol/enilconazole is the treatment I would recommend - it's gentle, works in between treatments (you don't rinse it off) and has been very effective on all the fungal cases I have had.
I put on some bag balm I had that my dad used on animals when he lived on a farm and it cleared right up this morning. I also gave both of them baths. Since they are both acting their normal, hyper selves, should I be concerned still?
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