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Elastic Band

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May 31, 2011
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Piglet has eaten the elastic band off the dill. It fell in the cage and ate it before I managed to get it out.

What can I do?!

Scared he will die. I noticed he has lost a bit of weight lately but it moving around and eating fine. Now this :(
All you can do is see and wait. If you notice signs of him being unwell, please see a vet asap. Hopefully, nothing will happen.
Is he pooping alright?! If he's not pooping, I would be really worried. Best to see the vet anyways, and they can check to make sire it's not lodged anywhere. Hope your piggy turns out fine!
It's only just happened :(

I have two so it's gonna be hard watching him as my husband and I are at work all day tomorrow :( I'll just have to keep an eye on him and take him to the vet over the weekend if necessary.
It's only just happened :(

I have two so it's gonna be hard watching him as my husband and I are at work all day tomorrow :( I'll just have to keep an eye on him and take him to the vet over the weekend if necessary.

The weekend is too late; if something happens it is going to in the next 24 hours. Perhaps you want to see a vet to make sure that it is not stuck in the mouth somewhere. Could one of you take the piggies with you to work or have somebody who could keep an eye on them tomorrow?
If he gets poorly I'll take him ASAP.

Don't think I can take my pig to the office, no.
When Linney ate a huge portion of the hay bag, the vet told me that the biggest risk was of it impacting in her bowel, so to watch and make sure she was eating an pooping normally for the next 24-48 hours. If it's any consolation, Linney was okay after eating a big section of plastic bag and had no ill effects!
I remember - last year , I saw Max eating the plastic off some garden plant twist that I had used to secure their run. I felt the same as you do now ! You feel awful when it happens . Fortunately, Max was OK.

The chances are that Piglet has swallowed what he ate and it will simply pass through . I know it is difficult to think of any positives BUT because you saw him do this, - if he is not quite right later , at least you will have an idea why and will be able to tell the vet.

As Wiebke has advised, just keep an eye on him and , any signs of changes, take him to the vet.

I hope everything is OK
Thank you. Just feel really worried and guilty :( he just got to it 2 secs before me.

I'll be checking on him as much as I can. If he needs the vet I'll obviously take him ASAP. I'm gonna be taking them for a check up anyway as he'd lost weight recently. He was still eating great though.

Pets are great but such a worry :(
I know how you feel. Toby ate some tinsel a couple of nights ago - I felt so worried but thankfully he is fine. I just kept a close eye on him. Keeping fingers crossed that piglet is on x
There is every chance he will be fine. Piggies are very good at eating things like plastic bags and making us panic! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
He seems fine. Hard to tell yet about the poo as we have two but he was eating fine tonight and going about his business. X
That's good! We watched Linney like a hawk after that plastic bag dinner she fed herself, but we never saw anything out of the ordinary (we didn't even see the plastic bag re-emerge in her poop, she must have a heck of a digestive process! LOL!)
That is good news! Thankfully, piggies have a very robust digestive system. Mine have coped wih considerable lengths of ribbon that had fallen to the floor without any problems.

if your piggy is eating and behaving like normal, then nothing is wrong in the works. ;)
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