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Nov 10, 2009
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Emergency or not?
How Soon Should My Guinea Pig See A Vet? - A Quick Guide
List Of Life And Death Out-of-hours Emergencies

Getting hold of a vet in an emergency
How to contact a vet out of hours
Regular hours recommended vets in the UK: Recommended Guinea Pig Vets
Regular hours recommended vets in some other countries: Guinea Lynx :: GL's Vet List

COVID-19 - Worried about Covid-19 (coronavirus) transmission risk to your cavies and care during illness?
COVID-19 - Vet visits/emergencies during coronavirus/Covid-19 lockdown

Vet visits, payment support, insurance and travelling advice
A guide to vets fees, insurance and payment support.

Tips For Vet Visits
Travelling with guinea pigs

Guinea Lynx lists of safe and dangerous medications
(when seeing a vet not experienced with guinea pigs)

Guinea Lynx :: Medications
Guinea Lynx :: Dangerous Medications, adding convenia antibiotic from fatal experiences of forum members
The Problems With Steroids And Why They Shouldn't Be Used.

Vital Emergency and Bridging Crisis Care at Home
Life and death emergency care advice and resource tips

Emergency and Bridging Care until a Vet Appointment
Hot Weather Management, Heat Strokes and Fly Strike
Tips For Post-operative Care

Life saving support feeding care
Not Eating And The Importance Of Syringe Feeding
Complete Syringe Feeding Guide

Further information resources
More information on specific illnesses and conditions in this section here: Vet Visits & Medical Information Guides

Please open a thread for ongoing support in our specially monitored Health & Illness section and state the nature of tyour problem in the title: Health & Illness