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Emergency Resources and Critical Illness Care - Contents list and subforum link

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Emergency Resources and Critical Illness Care
List of shortcut links to our advice, information and resources

1 Access link to our one-stop emergency advice collection
Emergency, Crisis and Bridging Care until a Vet Appointment

2 When and how to access a vet? Payment?
How soon to see a vet?

List Of Life And Death Out-of-hours Emergencies
How Soon Should My Guinea Pig See A Vet? - A Quick Guide

Important information on vets, payment options, charities and insurance in several countries
A guide to vets fees, insurance and payment support.
How to contact a vet out of hours
COVID-19 - Vet visits/emergencies during coronavirus/Covid-19 lockdown

Resources when seeing a vet not experienced with guinea pigs
The Problems With Steroids And Why They Shouldn't Be Used.
Guinea Lynx list of safe medications: Guinea Lynx :: Medications
Guinea Lyns list of unsafe medications: Guinea Lynx :: Dangerous Medications

3 What you can do at home in addition to medical treatment
Looking after a critically ill guinea pig

Emergency, Crisis and Bridging Care until a Vet Appointment
A Practical and Sensitive Guide to Dying, Terminal Illness and Euthanasia in Guinea Pigs

Feeding support - vital for survival
Not Eating, Weight Loss And The Importance Of Syringe Feeding Fibre
Complete Syringe Feeding Guide

Information and support advice for specific emergency situations
Tips For Post-operative Care
Digestive Disorders: Diarrhea - Bloat - GI Stasis (No Gut Movement) And Not Eating
Hot Weather Management, Heat Strokes and Fly Strike
Looking after guinea pigs with limited or no mobility

4 Non-medical support care products
(These products do NOT heal and cannot replace vet care or prescription only medication!)

First Aid Kit: Easily available non-medication support products for an emergency
Probiotics, Recovery Foods And Vitamin C: Overview With Product Links

You are welcome to open an ongoing support thread in this specially monitored forum for any questions, particular advice and emotional support.
If your guinea pig is very ill, please make a vet appointment before you open a support thread!

Please mention your problem in the title. The more accurate, the better our specially designated knowledgeable and trusted members can help you during UK daytime hours.
Knowing which country you are in will also help us tailor any advice to what is available and relevant in your country. Vet access and medical brand names vary enormously.

When you start a support thread, the notable poster first on the scene will alert any members with specialist knowledge or personal experience on a specific subject. Please do not tag us all in; we do get our own alerts as soon as you post a thread.
Please respect that we all do this for free in our often scant free time and that we cannot be available at all times.
Health & Illness Notable Posters

This is NOT a professional forum. Please accept that none of us is a qualified vet nor can we replace a hands-on examination and diagnosis by a qualified vet in any way.
But we can advise on possible avenues to pursue with your vet and help you make the best of your vet visit as well as support you in your care at home before and during treatment.

Since we are a public forum, we cannot guarantee for the quality and correctness of any advice by any members without a Health&Illness badge.

Links to further health information and resources in the next post.
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