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Eric's Trip to the Vet!

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Dear All,

Eric had his first visit to Oak Tree Veterinary Centre and they were great with him.

Darren and I couldn't find it and we were late but they totally understood!

Anyways, very nice Vet sat us down and had a chat to us about what was bothering us and then proceeded to check him over totally.

He had a look at his eye and wasn't entirely sure what it was but had given us some antibiotics to wrestle into Eric for a week. He thought there was a possibility that he had mites due to his jumping around but he couldn't find anything on him which is great but he gave him an injection to prevent mites and internal beasties/worms etc.

We had a discussion about getting a friend for Eric and he suggested that the best thing to do is to get him castrated so he could pally up with a girl or a boy but Darren and I are just not sure if we want to do that to him.

(Of course we went to pick up some more hay on the way home and Darren saw a baby Eric and melted - had to talk him down. I refused to go into the shop as I would have been taking the piggy home!)

Anyways, to sum up, Eric is fine and the vet was great. The Vet Nurse on reception was particularly great - good fun, understanding and extremely helpful!

Squeak soon!

Lu, Darren and of course, Wee Eric!


Neutering him wont make him better with males i thought about it, a baby boar would work Zubin and Eddie are fine together, but if you want to get him neutered he will be ok with a girlie lol, glad erics getting better x
Jan 23, 2006
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Aww that's great. But thinking he has mites just cos he was jumping around?! Err no, that's not usually the case! The vet is meant to be 'good with guinea-pigs'?! (I think I remember you said that in another post)

I wouldn't suggested on getting him neutered just to pair him up with a female or a male for that matter. It's a bit pointless as anaesthetic can reduce their lifespan.. Maybe a baby boar to pair him up with could work quite well?!
Neutering them doesn't really have an effect on the way they treat others.

Anyway, whatever you decide to do, you knoow we are are all here to help.

xx Kelly xx


Yes I must admit I was a bit concerned about thinking he had mites because he was jumping around. A lot of vets diagnose mites just because they don't know what's wrong and give unnecessary and sometimes painful injections.
I'm glad he's ok but it might be worth tracking down a rodentologist in your area.


I still say the jumping is popcorning.

Glad he's getting sorted.

I personally wont get him neutered. Complications can happen. Piggies arent great to recover from operations.
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