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Eye Infection

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Dec 18, 2014
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Warrington, UK
As you might already know I have recently bought a new guinea pig to become a new companion to my existing guinea pig who lost her friend and was grieving. The day after bringing her home I noticed she had her eye tightly closed so took her to the vet who told me she had conjunctivitis and gave me some drops for me. She has now finished the drops for the length of time the vet recommended and her eye is looking so much better. Because of this infection I haven't yet been able to start introducing each other yet. Do you think now will be ok as I would hate for my older guinea pig to then develop conjunctivitis! What do you guys think?
Hello :)

Poor little girl, It may be worth getting a check up just to make sure it has all cleared up before introducing, she made need a longer course if it is still present. Lots of healing vibes to your little one
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