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Feature week remembering: Rocket

Bradshaw Piggies

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Jun 27, 2020
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Greater Manchester
Guinea Pig Feature Week: Rainbow Bridge Piggies -Day 2: Rocket

Little Rocket really was so full of life. The loudest wheeker we have ever heard and such a playful little character.

Though he wasn’t with us for long (most likely due to a number of issues he had going on, as a result of yet more careless breeding), Rocket really did make a big impact on everyone here. He was such a lively little pig, just bursting with character.

Rocket was buddy to Banner (the only pig Banner has ever actually tolerated- and I think ‘tolerate’ is as far as their relationship went).

Thank you Rocket for all of the joy you brought us in your short time here. We would like to dedicate today to you.

Rocket’s favourite food was anything, and his favourite activities were pop-Corning and zooming 💕