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Feeding Young Pigs

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Nov 24, 2013
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Cornwall UK
So... I've decided to add to my clan of fur and I'll be getting another pair of ladies in the next few week. I'm mid way through doing a mass online order of supplies. My older sows are on a low calcium, low fat food as one is prone to stones and the other is a little large. I know I'm going to have to get something alfalfa based for the babies for the first 8-12 months, but how much should I give them?
As pretty much all the UK based pellet brands that are available in shop are alfalfa based, all you have to do is feed a slightly higher quantity of pellets, as the extra amount needed is actually very small indeed. Overfeeding alfalfa will only result in a quicker and short initial growth phase of about 4-6 months instead of a slightly more prolonged one. I haven't given my three foster baby sisters any extra pellets while they were growing up, as they are living in a group with adults, but at 9 months old, they are all an ideal adult weight of 1000-1200g, lively and perfectly healthy. But they had a more stable growth phase as a result, instead of a run-and-stop type of growth. ;)

You may find this thread here helpful: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk...or-a-balanced-general-guinea-pig-diet.116460/
PS: If you wish, you can feed just the veg listed under daily veg and use them for a balanced low calcium diet for your adults. This, or similar diets, work well for various members who are dealing with long term bladder issues in their adult piggies. I would enquire about pellets that are not based on alfalfa.
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