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Female Had A Fight, Blood Drawn. Advice Please

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Feb 14, 2015
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hi all, my girls are sisters and about 12 weeks old. They get alone fine and surprised this has happened. They have cuts round mouth and one has a small hole in side of her face. I'm worried about there future together. Not sure to take to vets as don't think it can be stitched. Should I have them sprayed? Or get a male in? Don't want to part them unless have to , as most of time they pur at each other. Help pls x
How big is thier cage or hutch? Tagging @Wiebke for you. I think you should take them to the vets, see what they say then separate them and get them a neutered boar.
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Hi and welcome!

Please have your girls checked by a vet. The puncture marks sound like serious bites and will need disinfecting and maybe an antibiotic to prevent abscesses from forming. Please keep a close eye on them in the next few weeks and see your vet asap as soon as you see a swelling that can herald an abscess.
We have got a piggy savvy UK vet locator on the top bar.

Bloody fights between sows are extremely rare, but generally guinea pigs won't go back together after a serious fight. Please keep them separated and make sure that any future solution includes plenty of space. Shops unfortunately still sell hamster cages as appropriate for guinea pigs. :(
Purring is dominance behaviour, so you have a problem on your hand if both girls are obviously dominant and do not want to submit to the other. It would be good if your considered a solution with a new partner each.
Spaying will just prevent them from getting babies; it won't change their relationship. It is also a major operation for which they are rather too young and too low in weight anyway.

Where are you located, as your options in that respect very much depend on where you are? You can add your country, state or (for the UK) your county or city to your details by clicking on the top bar, then go to personal details and scroll down to location. That way, we can always adapt any advice straight away to what is possible/available to in your part of the globe.
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