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Me me! I LOOOVE French Fancies, especially the halloween ones! *nom*.
This is the best thread EVER! yano what this means... no one will EVER miss a new bratch of french fancy again!
Looking at those frosty ones made me drool...:drool::drool::drool::drool: < Me right now.
I missed the Halloween ones though!

I love Pink & Brown... or chocolate.. because 'brown' doesn't make them sound too appealing!
Ah, well maybe he likes France?! Or.. maybe he fancies... the french?!
Apparently they are called french because they resemble 'petits fours'.
Hahaha I was about to say that! She's the fountain of knowledge!
He was a smart man, making a living out of cakes...
Do you think hes fat?! :O maybe hes so sick of his own cakes... that he never eats them!
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