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First Time In The Pen

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Oh lovely lovely, may I ask where you got your pen from? I am looking for a good sized one so I can take my piggies to my father in laws :-)
That looks like a great set up. Could I ask where you got it from and also how big it is? Gorgeous pigs as well :)
Hello. It's a bunny business pen which I got from amazon. I got the 45" one as it fits in my living room but I would have loved to get the larger 55" one. The floor is nice and waterproof which is good because I have it on carpet (!). The only downside is that I had hoped it would just fold away with a concertina effect but because the base has to be attached after it isn't quite as easy as this. It will also be great on my lawn in the summer and comes with a net for the top to stop predators getting in. Looking forward to filling it with toys and treats!
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Gorgoeus! Made your photo bigger and put your avatar the right way round :)
They certainly look like they will enjoy that! Lovely piggies :)
They look great and the pen is brilliant I like how it has an attached floor to it aswell.
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