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Fleece Vs Liners

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Feb 1, 2015
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Rochford, Essex
Hi all,

Me again!

So I've decided to use fleece as bedding for my piggies when they come home.

I've had a quote of £20 for each hand made cage liner. They're gorgeous but are they really worth it? I've seen lots of cheap fleece at primark and the range. Can somebody advise whether the liners have any specific benefits?

Thank you all
I've just had fleece liners made for my pair of girls. They have several advantages over normal fleeces - they already fit the cage, you don't need more than one liner as they're double layered already, they have a foam insert to wick through the wee and keep it well away from piggies feet, and piggies can't burrow under them (at least, not as easily) and get lost in them! Mine are from the Sqube Factory.
I have used fleece and now I use liners. I like the liners better but yes they are quite expensive.(I spent my Christmas money on mine, shh) There are a lot of different types of liners out there. Mine have an absorbent middle layer, meaning I don't have to use puppy pads underneath the fleece anymore. Also I like the fact that they fit the cage so it's easy to change them, was a real struggle in a 6x2 cage. I used to be driven mad trying to fold fleeces to fit the cage. Lol. I can sweep the liners without having to hold them down.

But I had fleece before the liners and coped ok with it. Also it's quite cost effective and lots of choices.

Make sure you read the guides on beddings so you make the right choice. Good luck.
Hi although liners are expensive I find them much more better than fleece. They are heavy so the pigs can't dig under them and this also makes it much easier to sweep up the poo. With fleece the pigs tend to dig up the corners and pee on the towels/newspaper underneath so it smells much sooner.

I have one set of liners and these are the 'best bedding', I use fleece just whilst the the liners are in the wash! I would say they are cosy effective in the end being so re-usable.

One thing I would say is maybe ask for the liners to be an inch or so bigger than the cage as mine have shrunk a little in the wash and don't quite fit now!
That's good advice from @Frankie1990 . Most companies that make cage liners provide washing instructions that advise washing at 30 or 40 degrees centigrade. Most forum members advise washing at 60 degrees . It is a good idea to allow for some shrinkage. The other way round this is to use an anti bacterial laundry liquid.

Another idea is to make your own cage liners . If you do this, you can pre wash your fleece and inner lining - so it is pre shrunk.
I agree with what's been said about cage liners. I use them at the moment and love them. Couldn't imagine just using a thin fleece. The liners are so thick and look so comfy! They are really absorbent too. I change mine weekly and never feel any wet patches and they don't smell (I have girls). Much easier just to put in a cage liner rather than fiddling about with the layers of pads/towels that most people put under fleece. I don't think fleece would stay as neat as the liners and wouldn't be as absorbent.
Where are you planning on getting liners from?
I haven't tried liners. But I prefer fleece how I am using it because it's cheaper, and doesn't require any sewing.
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