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For The Guinea Pigs!

Muffin's great

Junior Guinea Pig
Jan 12, 2019
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Hey guys, there is this pet video competition on the meme app called Imgur, and I just entered my guinea pigs in the category called #toptrick2019 because I thought it would be cool for guinea pigs to win in one of the category's instead of just cats and dogs. But it's looking like that's not gonna happen, so in an attempt to get Muffin and Hershey's more upvotes, so that they can win the competition and prove that guinea pigs are amazing pets, I've came to you guys to ask for your help. If you have Imgur or want to download Imgur for the cause please look up the post titled MUFFIN'S GREAT! and give it an upvotes. If my pigs win their category, not only will they prove guinea pig greatness, they will recieve a box full of treats and toys from Imgur, plus if they win best in show, I will recieve 500$ to donate to my favorite animal shelter.