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Forum Sponsored Rescue Guinea Pigs ....

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Anniversary Herd

Anniversary Herd
Jan 25, 2016
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As we are all aware the forum reached a major milestone as we celebrated the forums 10th anniversary this year. The forum in its concept has always been rescue friendly and that being the case it was felt that a lot of hard work by reputable rescues was largely unrecognised. We all know that rescues take in piggies from all over the globe, rehabilitate them and find them their forever homes. Unfortunately due to no fault of their own some piggies are unable to be rehomed and become permanent residents in the rescues concerned. To this end the forum has decided to sponsor several permanent rescue residents using funds raised during our 10th anniversary meet and the sale of anniversary t-shirts. The forum sees this as an opportunity to allow all members to be a part of the forum sponsoring of these permanent residents.

The forum on the members behalf will be sponsoring piggies in rescues in both the UK and abroad.

At a later date we will be giving all forum members the opportunity to join in the sponsorship of more permanent piggy residents in participating rescues current and future. As we are starting this as a pilot we will also be seeking views of members on how to take it forward and encompass more rescues
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