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Anniversary Herd

Anniversary Herd
Jan 25, 2016
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Hiya !

We are having a Summer piggy photo competition

This is a fun competition and is open to all forum members

The theme of this competition is SUMMER

There is no monetary prize or any physical prize awarded in this competition. However the winner of the competition will receive .......

1. Your Photo will be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages
2. Your 'User Title' for Sept/Oct will be 'Guinea Pig Photo Comp Winner!'
3. You shall have bragging rights over all others on the forum!
4. The winning photo will go into a sticky thread in the Stories & Photo's section for everyone to see and the forum gallery!
5. The Winning Photo shall adorn the forum sidebar for a month!

How great is that?!

Rules ...
1. Each person can have 2 pictures entered each. (We will have another thread showing off any extras!)
2. The photo must be of one or more of your Guinea Pigs and taken by you.
3. No Photoshopping or manipulation allowed
4. Please do not vote for your own photo/photo's, we can't stop this but hope fair play will win the day
5. Dressing up of piggies, or piggies in costumes is not allowed and any pictures showing so will be removed from the thread although props are permitted.
6. Any entries into this competition will be made with the acceptance that you are granting permission to use and publish your image on any of our associated social media pages. We may also use your photo in print in any future article in the Guinea Pig Magazine and any promotional event we attend. By entering this competition you are acknowledging our rights to use your photo. If you do not agree with this then please do not enter.

How to Enter and How it works....

1. Submit your photo to this thread which will be open for a limited time until 20:00 hrs on Sunday 6th September 2020 GMT.
4. All Photos will be added to a Photo Competition Page shortly after the closing date where you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite.
5. Votes will close 20:00 on Sunday 13th September 2020 GMT

Please keep all your out-takes as we love out-takes and will be starting another thread for these .

Happy posting and looking forward to these lovable piggy pigtures.

Anniversary Herd
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