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Nov 10, 2009
For those of you that don't know - TEAS is a Dental Sanctuary run by @furryfriends (TEAS) for Guinea Pigs who need life saving dental work.

Guinea pigs at the sanctuary receive life saving dental treatment by one of the countries best guinea pig vets and are syringe fed around the clock by Debbie and Emma at the Sanctuary until they are well enough to go back to their owners. Some of the piggies in Debbie's and Emma's care are permanent residents who may need regular dental treatment so stay at TEAS.
As I am sure you are all aware this costs a lot of money and is a vital part of the Guinea Pig Welfare Community in the UK.
TEAS has saved many piggies lives including members of this forum's piggies.

To help TEAS raise money for vet treatment I am organizing a virtual Tea Party to take place on Wednesday 21st December right here on the guinea pig forum so why not join in the fun and raise money for piggies in need at the same time :)


Date & Time & Place

Wednesday 21st December.
Here on the forum

How does it work?
If you want to take part it will cost a 50p - £1 donation via paypal to TEAS

If you wish to take part please say you are doing so in this thread and make your payment to TEAS via paypal as a gift the address is theexcellentadventuresanctuary@gmail.com

I will then add you to the invite list and on the evening of 21st you will have access to a special tea party area on the forum that will be active and open for the duration of the Tea Party

What will take place?
Well because it is virtual, you have to provide your own tea and biscuits :)) but as long as we all brew up at the same time it will count as a tea party I am sure. There will be plenty of games, a quiz and general chit chat.
Most importantly you will have helped raise money for very poorly piggies

So once again if you wish to take part please.....
  • Make a donation to TEAS via paypal as a gift the address is theexcellentadventuresanctuary@gmail.com
  • Say you have done so in a post on this thread or you won't be registered to have access to the Tea Party

Any questions please ask

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Jul 12, 2016
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Um, I plan to join (obviously- finally an event I can attend!) but as I am 1 hour ahead, would wine and biscuits be acceptable? :whistle:
It is nearly Christmas after all.....
Eddi plans to attend and may bring a blueberry. Is there a discount for Guinea pigs :lol:
I don't drink tea.....but I do drink wine. Maybe I'll join you in a glass
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