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Fostering A Piggie

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Maisy and Poppy

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Dec 8, 2014
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Surrey, UK
In Late Spring/ early summer I may be fostering a piggy. Is the RSPCA good for fostering? My nearest is RSPCA millbrook and they have about 7 boars! Would it be better to foster sow or boar? What does the rescue provide? What do I need to provide? I might be adopting the piggy if it doesn't find a home ...! Any rescues in Surrey that need piggys to go to foster homes? Where should the foster piggie live : outside, the piggy can have a whole shed to himself or inside the piggie can have a suitable sized cage but not massive!
You have to contact your local rescues and enquire. The situation and the policies are different with each rescue and/or branch. RSPCA branches are all run independently and can vary hugely, in knowledge as well as capacity.
Hi there. I started fostering for my local rspca after volunteering there for a while. I fostered two sows on pregnancy watch to start with. My centre initially provided me with cage, food, hay, cage accessories. I now have bought my own two C&C pens and provide my own hay and bedding to save their funds! Wiebke is right - branches do vary across the country. The centre I volunteer at is HQ run and staffed. If I have any health queries on my foster piggies I can get in touch with the staff/ staff will visit or they book the piggy in with their vet. I did have a home check too. It is hard returning piggies for rehoming, but I am not currently in a position to own any so fostering gives me the next best thing! I am sure any local rescue would welcome an experienced fosterer with open arms, but make lots of enquiries.
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